Chevy Truck Blow Through Installation

Great pictures of accordion boot being used to fill the gap in the truck audio installation application

I had a custom box made for 2 10s, then went with a subthump box with 2 shallow 12s. Still wasnt loud enough so I called a friend of mine that does custom installs and he talked me into using part of my bed, never use my whole bed anyways. I ended up doin a bandpass box with 3 JL 12w6s powered by a pdx 1000.1. The box was line-x then used a canopy accordion boot to seal it up. The front has 4 6.5 Focals, 2 kickpanel 2 doors powered by pdx 4.150. Rear has 5.25 off the deck. This thing is sooo f-in loud I cant listen to up all the way. I havnt put it on a meter but have had a few stereo guys say it should hit 150db easy.

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