Accordionboot.com is a web property owned and manages by Mediatunes. Mediatunes is a media company that provides web sites and multimedia products and services.

The owner is John Pape. John was vice president of a family owned business Pape Enterprises, Inc. The company was a manufacturer located in El Cajon California. The primary business was fiberglass fabrication.

One of the main products produced was sleeper cabs for pick up trucks. In 2005 the business closed to allow John's parents to retire. This association with Pape Enterprises is how accordionboot.com started selling accordion boot online.

The accordionboot.com web site is a continual work in progress. As new items and programs come online, you will get the opportunity to benefit from these things.

What do we do?

We offer products that is relevant to a truck enthusiasts as well as industrial designers. These products can be used to help move forward with your special project.

It is our desire to help you get rubber seal boot material, because you need to seal something from the environmental elements.

Who do we serve?

The primary user of this web site is the truck enthusiast, audio fanatics and industrial engineers. We strive to include products that can be used to help you with your vehicle.

The Next Big Thing

We are currently adding more products related to the maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle. You will find these items in the Extras section of this web site. Take some time to browse though these new products.