Company Profile - Atrend

Atrend is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance subwoofer enclosures. The CEO of the company is Kevin Hundal Their corporate offices are located in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Here they house a 35,000 square foot warehouse and manufacturing plant. It is a private company that builds car/truck audio speaker enclosures.  The company provides to its customers superior performance and sound engineering to its products.  They believe in giving their customers value by delivering robust solutions in car audio speaker enclosures and accessories.

They have an in-house staff of engineers that specialize in mobile audio.  This group of people comes with many years of design, engineering, installation and automotive development experience.  Have the design staff in-house help control the design and manufacturing of the product.  Atrend uses high end machines to build their boxes with precision engineering and extensive sound testing. This in turn gives the end-user a high quality product with extreme value.

To reach optimum client satisfaction, Atrend thinks through all of the vital factors that puts the power of the product to its client.

Every product is tested for sound quality and accurate engineering.  They use the most up to date software and machinery.  This allows them to be a trendsetter in the mobile audio market. 

Here is Atrend's Mission..; 

trend provides superior performance and sound engineering at various spend levels - a specific mission based upon our belief that providing customers with value by delivering robust solutions to their ever changing market demands.

Kevin Hundal says about the company "We’ve turned a hobby into a science, making boxes in a finely tuned, engineering facility. We’ve taken the entire speaker enclosure process to the next level."

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