How to Install Accordion Boot - Camper Shell onto a Truck

About 30 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate

Many truck owners like the look of a camper shell over the bed of their truck, and they appreciate the benefits provided by the shell. Some like it so much that they wish to make their camper shell a permanent part of the truck. This can be accomplished by using what is known as a truck boot to seal the gap between the cab and the shell and make the interior a unified space.

Tool and Supplies Needed

  • Accordion Boot
  • Measuring tape
  • Utility knife
  • Superglue

Installation Instructions

Remove the truck's rear window and the front facing window on the camper shell. See the owner's manuals for the truck and the camper shell for specific window removal instructions.

Start at the bottom center of the window opening. Slide the spring clips on one side of the accordion boot over the truck's rear window flange.

Slide the spring clips on the opposite side over the flange of the camper shell's front-facing window.

Work your way around the window perimeter until you get all the way to where your started.

Overlap an extra three inches of accordion flap on top of the driver's side accordion flap and glue it there with the superglue.