Rubber Black Fork Gaiter Gator Sleeve Boots


  • 1 Pair
  • 8 Ribs
  • Black
  • 33mm, 34mm, 35mm forks – specs of these boots: 33mm x 50mm x 130mm
  • Black Rubber Boots Sleeve Gaiter Gators for Motorcycle Classic Vintage Forks
  • This is our own item for sale. You will not be buying this exact item if you purchase from anyone other than Horsepower-House
  • Fits many years, makes, models of motorcycle street bike dirtbike, compare specs shown here and in photos to your application.
  • Do your research prior to purchase. What is shown here is all we know about this item.
  • Because of a few bad apples who abuse the Returns guidelines, if we were not at fault, there will be a restocking fee when you return this item, because, it is very costly to sell on Amazon. So, please make sure this is the item you need, or contact us in advance if you have any question about fitment or any other detail. We are here for you. But if you order this item being unsure if it will fit your model, there is risk involved. Please view everything in detail. 


For 33mm, 34mm, 35mm forks (1 pair) 33mm (Relaxed) 8 Ribs

– Rubber Flexible Fork Boots Boot Gaiter Gaiters Gator Gaiters Cover Sleeve Dust Dirt Accordion Protector Jacket for your dirtbike motorcycle scooter forks fork legs. Fits many makes and models with 33mm or 34mm or even 35mm fork legs

◦Complete Specs / Dimensions / Info (Please view photos for more info) –

These are shown in “relaxed” form. Use all of this very detailed info to your advantage.

Small End (Upper for most models): 33mm / 3.3cm / 1.3 / 1 & 5/16 (can stretch approx 5mm larger than shown here)

Large End (Lower for most): 50mm / 5.0cm / 1.97 / 2 inches (can stretch approx 5mm larger than shown here)

Length (unstretched): 130mm / 13.0cm / 5.12 / 5 & 1/8 — (can stretch up to approximately 7 inches long

8 Ribs Ribbed as pictured

These are exactly as pictured. (see photos) if you need to apply zipties or other clamps (not supplied here)

Also has an inner slots on lower (larger) part of boot to fit perfectly if yours needs such. Otherwise will fit nice a tight on fork legs with the dimensions shown (give or take a few mm as well)

Get rid of your crappy “plasticky” brittle boots (That still cost $55/pair) and replace them with these that are flexible durable rubber and made in America. Looks much better as well.

Great if you have a vintage classic bike or historic bike that can use this size. Your AHRMA post-vintage buddies will be jealous! Can fit many brands, models.


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