Compression Bulb Seal 548


Use the Compression Bulb seal when you leave the rear slider window in the truck. This product works best with fiberglass shells that are 1/8″ to 3/16″ thick. You will also use this boot if the opening in the fiberglass shell is much larger than the opening in your truck.

Cab Pinchweld compresses to Cap Shell EPDM Rubber with Internal Spring Steel Clip on one edge


  • Camper Shells
  • Toppers
  • Sleeper Cabs

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How much will you need?

This material is sold by the foot. Unlike other companies that force you to buy more than you need. You get the exact amount you need. No waste.

Enter then number of feet you need in the quantity field when you place your order.

To determine how much you need measure the distance around your cab opening. It is important that both openings are exactly the same size.

You can also click here to use this online calculator to help you determine how much material you require for your project.

This product is sold by the foot. Enter the total amount of feet of material you need in the text box below.  The click on Add to Cart to start.

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How the Compression boot works


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