Accordion Boot – Extra Wide


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The extra wide accordion boot is designed applications where you have a large gap between the space you want to seal. This product works best with fiberglass shells or sheet metal flange that are 1/8″ to 3/16″ thick. Both openings must be exactly the same size for this boot to fit properly.

Cab Pinchweld to Fiberglass Cap Shell EPDM Rubber with Internal Steel Spring Clip

How much will you need?

This material is sold by the foot. Unlike other companies that force you to buy more than you need. You get the exact amount you need. No waste.

To determine how much you need measure the distance around your cab opening. It is important that both openings are exactly the same size. The average full-size pickup truck rear window opening is approximately 13 – 14 feet around. The average mini-truck is approximately 10 feet around the window opening.

You can also click here to use this online calculator to help you determine how much material you require for your project.

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