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Extend the shine and luster of your paint job, with the Professional Car Wax and Paint Sealant Kit. It is a specially designed series of car washing, car waxing and paint sealing that reduces scratches, swirl marks, and protects the life of your paint job. Lane’s Car Products has sold the Professional Car Wax and Paint Sealant Kit to professional detailers, showrooms and car enthusiasts across the country, and we are confident you will find no better exterior car care kit on the market.

Start with Lane’s Wash & Shine, the finest, most concentrated soap wax available today. This unique soap wax removes dirt and grime, without leaving those annoying streaks. It is a self-drying wash that lays the foundation for the next step…Lane’s Super Cut. Super Cut is the first layer wax protection, which sinks into any scratches or pock marks to ensure a smooth finishing coat.

Follow with Lane’s Gold Edition, a superior finishing wax that gives a glossy shine to the protective foundation. Gold Edition is easy to apply and remove, and is safe for all finishes. Complete the series with our original Super Seal Paint Sealant. This final clear coat finish is a self-drying, defensive layer that seals in the shine and protects your paint job.

We recommend our Professional Car Wax and Paint Sealant Kit for anyone who wants maximum protection and luxurious shine, especially those living in harsh climates.

This Car Care Kit Contains

  • Gold Edition Finishing Wax
  • Super Seal
  • Super Cut
  • Wash & Shine

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